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Effortless adventuring in the exotic

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We believe meaningful travel reveals our common humanity and brings us closer together.

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We believe meaningful travel reveals our common humanity and brings us closer together.


Trekking with Mountain Gorillas

Gorilla trekking on the densely forested slopes of Rwanda’s Volcanoes National Park is a wildlife adventure like none other. Observe gorilla families as they forage, play, eat and sleep. Looking into their eyes is like looking into a mirror. At night, the ultimate in sustainable luxury ecotourism awaits at the Singita Kwitonda Lodge.

“Today was amazing! After trekking for almost 3 hours we finally came upon a gorilla family. We were tired, but it was so worth it! Observing them close-up in their natural habitat is an experience that will stay with me for the rest of my life. Thank you for creating the most magical vacation for me and my husband.”


Bhutan, Land of the Thunder Dragon

This remote Himalayan kingdom is rooted in timeless traditions and tenets of Buddhism. Dramatic mountain landscapes are complemented by emerald valleys, colorful villages and spectacular dzongs (fortresses) perched high on the slopes. A trek up the steep steps to the iconic Tiger’s Nest monastery is a must!

“Buddhism is infused into everything in such a natural and genuine way. I was touched by the simplicity of life and the authenticity of its’ people. I felt taken back to another time. Thank you for arranging the private blessing with the Head Lama. This was so special.”


Boutique Ocean Cruising

Discover some of the world’s most exotic locales aboard your private luxury yacht charter or small luxury expedition ship.  Explore ecologically and culturally significant locales and visit secluded harbors where others cannot go. Experience personalized adventures and treasured moments with family or friends on the ultimate all-inclusive vacation.

``You always take the time to learn what everyone in our large extended family wants out of their vacation and you bring it to life perfectly. My family will never book our vacation with anyone else!``


The Land of ‘AWES’

Affectionately known as OZ, we like refer to Australia as the ‘land of AWES’!  Observe a kangaroo with a joey in her pouch, snuggle with a cuddly koala and take a selfie with an adorable, Instagram-famous quokka. Explore spectacular coastal regions, discover cities teeming with natural and cultural treasures and experience the magic of the Outback through the eyes of the world’s oldest living culture. This continent will AWE you!

“We arrived home last night after a most magical vacation in Australia. Your arrangements were flawless. Nobody does it better than the Momenti team!”


Elephants, Lions, Zebra & More!

Crowned by Mount Kilimanjaro, Africa’s highest peak, Amboseli National Park in Kenya is home to large elephant herds, giraffes, zebras, lions, cheetahs and so much! This is also the land of the Maasai, semi-nomadic pastoralists known for their strength as warriors and cattle herders. A guided walking safari accompanied by a Maasai warrior is an unforgettable way to experience Kenya’s culture and wildlife.

“I love our safari lodges and the wildlife here is mind blowing. But the people are what has made our time in East Africa so special – the lodge staff, pilots and our local Maasai safari guide. Thank you from the bottom of my heart!”

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