Our Mantra

There exists no better way to connect with ourselves and others than through mindful travel, carefully curated and personalized.

We want to help you unlock the world’s mystery and intrigue, wherever your heart desires.

Our Founder

Cathy Holler

President & CEO

During her 3 decades as a tourism executive, Cathy has travelled the globe, amassing a valuable ‘black book’ of experiences and connections that can’t be found online. Her clients are multi-generational families, couples and small groups of friends seeking meaningful journeys that engage them, educate them, inspire them and positively impact the environment and the communities they visit. Whether traveling to an exotic corner of the world or closer to home, Cathy takes the time to learn about your interests and crafts personalized journeys which thoughtfully and expertly engage you with your destination.

A magical moment…

I woke up before sunrise in my safari ‘starbed’ to a sky filled with millions of stars and the nocturnal sounds of the Kenyan bush. Just magical!